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JSC "ELDIN" will participate in the "EXPO-RUSSIA Armenia" 2009

Yaroslavl electric machine building plant (JSC "ELDIN") is one of the main producers of electric motors in Russia.

The induction motors of the new series including 13 frame sizes (from 71 up to 315 mm) produced at present, not only correspond to the foreign analogs but excel them and power and starting characteristics, sound level, power consumption, specific consumption of materials, reliability, service life and also in design.

Such appreciation of the results of our plant activity during the last year confirms that our Consumer has one of the largest ranges of the induction motors, produced by the electrotechnical branch of Russia, CIS and abroad, that gives our business partners the weighty reason for the reliable, mutually beneficial, stable and long business partnership. Collaborate with JSC "ELDIN" and you will get a fine perspective for the development of our business.


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